This is my first blog,
So if loop holes are encountered,
I ask apologise in advance.
Definition of secularism has been taken a new picture in India,
If we look at some of the media houses they call themselves a nationalist, but u won’t even take an iota of second to judge how bogus their claims are .
Secularism for them has become to be an anti Hinduism.
They will talk of women not allowed in various temple across the nation , but they’ll never discus about shariah law.
JNU act will get full pact media coverage but nobody gives a shit to nit Srinagar,
Unless students there took a social media platform and got whole hearted support of country.
Muzzafarnagar , gujrat riots are always hitting the headlines , but no one cares about genocide of kashmiri pandit .
I as a Young Indian when come across such things my heart feels to burst out of outrage.
And as far as communism is concerned,
A leftist can be an atheist,
But Indian leftist are not just atheist but they are anti hindu as well .
There are many examples where clear cut partiality or say biasness of media has been exposed,
be it malda riots,
Be it Kashmiri pandits genocide,
The list goes on.
I feel secularism is some thing which gives fair platform to everyone from any gender, any caste or religion or any race.
Secularism isn’t minority leaning.