To begin with to justify how Congress have betrayed the country , i would start with Isharat Jahan matter.


Isharat Jahan , LeT’s ( Lashkar-e-toiba ) fidayeen terrorist , which had plans to assassinate modi was encountered in Gujrat.
Those days no body ,specially common man had any idea of her links with terrorist organization.
That time Indian national Congress led UPA government had all intelligence input about her connection with LeT but that was never exposed then.
They made all possible efforts to turn a terrorist into a martyr. A sense of sympathy for a terrorist had been created in the minds of common people.
Though her name was published in martyr list of LeT in LeT’s website .
Well you can get away from this by saying that , why do we have to trust a terrorist organization ?
Okay ! I agree to you on this, but why are you giving a benefit of doubt to a terrorist organization?

Okay let’s not talk about LeT ( Lashkar-e-toiba)
But what about G.K. PILLAI ?


One of the best bureaucrat of our country, who has exposed INC on how they misused CBI , IB and NIA.


He was tortured to manipulate the reports.
Also, NIA’s charge sheet , which show’s Isharat Jahan’s links with terrorist organization. Where are those papers?
Such a degraded level of politics and betrayal to nation, where you try to turn a terrorist into an innocent girl to frame modi.
Such a shame.

Already so many crisis you have given to the nation, be it 2G , CWG scams. But for instance that can be forgotten.
But such height of treason to the country, where starvation of central power degrade you to the extreme level of absurdness, cannot be forgotten.
You are no lesser than terrorist.

During those 10 to 12 years of Isharat Jahan betrayal, Modi was supposed to be grilled by special investigation teams for long long hours of interrogation, but Rahul and Sonia booked for national herald and whole INC lost their patience , and Parliament was disrupted.
And not just national herald,  the list is long.

We live in a country with population more than 130 crore approx , and being a big and diverse country we have large number of issues.
Going to flash back, 3 to 4 months before 26/11 attack no body heard of hindu terror ever before, it was coined by Mr. Chidambaram.
Well ! Being an Indian , I have my maximum faith on armed forces ( Army  , Navy , Air force , CRPF , BSF etc ) and intelligence agencies like RAW.


One of the officer of RAW , Mr . RSN Singh, said in the interview that 26/11 was a pre planned attack on Mumbai and term hindu terror was coined intentionally and strategy was to blame 26/11 attacks on RSS and term it as a safforan terror.
But thank god , one of our brave heart Tukaram Omble caught Kasab and he exposed how he was trained by PAK Army in Azizabad under assistance of LeT chief Hafiz Saeed ,
whole plan to turn it into a hindu terror went into vain.
Thank God !

Now one thing which i want to convey to youth , friends you and me are responsible for anything good or bad happens to our motherland.
Problem of today’s youth is that he/she is Politically ignorant and that is a root cause to all problems of this country.
Because when you become politically ignorant , dirty politics misleads you.

You know sometimes i go through the Facebook profile of few and see their political view as ” I hate Politics ” .
I mean you can hate a politician but how come politics?
Because it is the only channel we have through which we can get into the system and bring reforms we want.
I would ask you not to give up on the matter’s of nation and national security.
Don’t be politically ignorant.
Give all your efforts for the sake of the betterment of our motherland.

I would wind up quoting Swami Vivekananda.


Rise , Awake and stop not until the goal is achieved.

Jai hind!
Thank you.