Have clue,
but not evidence,
have conceive of it,
but no assurance.

Then there is faith,
which crusade me forward,
and i breakdown,
cuz I had been a little more turd.

Things with zero relavance,
are giving dogmatic vibes,
i feel the presence of energy around,
can’t see it cuz it hides.

A water bottle, a pens cap,
clouds in sky and the open tap,
All end with the question mark at their right,
Now my thoughts and me are enganged in a fight.

I see my self in a vaccum,
A Vaccum of fluctuating leaks,
which turns me bewilder,
and make me a victim of bipolar disorder.
This disorder throws me into my workstation,
Now my silence will speak

– Aditya Shrivastava

About the poem :

This poem talks about how every trivial entity tries to communicate to you , inspires you and give your critical reasoning a liberty to ask questions and asks you to find the answers. May be for the mankind .  And tells you , if you’re aren’t capable ? then get in to your workstation.

I got the inspiration about the thought of this poem from one of the Hollywood movie Interstellar ( which talks about time shifting and relativity of time ) , one of the online lecture of sandeep manudhane on Hinduism , where he discuss about how the world was created ( as per hindu mythology ) and how the probability of parallel universe exists and from the book The Secret by rhonda byrne.
Probably the inspiration is inherited , But the interpretation is exclusive ,

Credit also goes to the discussion I had on the possibility of Parallel Universe with couple of my friends.

Its raw draft was prepared at post mid night on the last page of a rough note book, it took a lot of time for me to create its final draft .
Which has been made finally at 1:38 am (20 / May / 2015) probably the same time when its raw draft was prepared.

Photo credits : Google

Thank you.