On the scooter of my father,
Moving to the bus stop,
Conceiving the image of dispersal,
I’m moving to my school.

Threat of uncompleted homework,
With the image of my headmaster in mind,
Expecting him to be kind,
I’m moving to my school.

Standing on the bus stop,
Bag on my back,
Hoping the bus won’t come today,
I’m moving to my school.

None of my day-dream coming into existence,
Loosing all my patience,
Stepping inside the bus,
Gosh ! I’m moving to my school.

Leaving the surroundings behind,
Imagining something beyond criticalness of mind,
Hoping that bus won’t stop today,
I’m moving to my school.

Where good morning ! chorus is mandate,
Punishment for being late,
Can’t even manage to sit with my mate,
Why the hell I’m in school.

Looking at my bournvita clock,
Hoping that this period will stop,
Rigorously watching the countdown,
Somebody please shut the school.

Dispersal bell is the lovely sound,
Managing a line for bus is hardly found,

With anxiety to execute plan to kill dragon in video game,
Yeah ! I’m leaving back the school.



About the poem :

This poem tells the feeling of a kindergarten kid, who is not willing to leave his video game and comfort zone behind for sake of going school.

Poem shows how chronologically event occurs from his home to bus stop,
On bus stop, through the way to the school , in the school , till the final dispersal bell.

Hope you’ve enjoyed it.
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