1. Adore – to love with entire heart
2. Pave – to cover
3. Cloud 9 – state of happiness
4. Summon – to order


A girl with rosy face,
And straight hair,
When I looked her on the first date,
The love was in the air.

Long chats, short calls,
I’m feeding my self with this,
The day she was on my back seat(back seat of bike),
OH! God that was a bliss.

She said she loves me,
I said I love you more,
Beauty of the world reside on her face,
I gotta need her to adore.          

With her one smile my sorrow drains,
Which I use to pave,
I say , Madam you are my Master,
And I’m your slave.

With the glory you have,
You stood with me in the crowd,
That took me on cloud 9,
You made me really proud.

To tell my real feel for you,
Words are getting shrink,
My world turns into heaven,
When you’re here in a blink.

The one whom I love,
Yes you are the one,
I’ll be their to your service,
Baby, whenever you’ll summon.

I know you go through tough times,
I know you got the goal,
Rest all might lose faith in you,
But I know you’ll make it all.

Time which I spend with you,
It runs like the sand from hand,
I’ve been in love with you,
The day since I’ve seen that “Pink hair band”.

Aditya Shrivastava

About the poem –
This is very special for me and I believe its one of my best creation so far, hope you people have enjoyed it.
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