​The tale of Sudama and Krishna is known to every one. Story is about, how anxiously Krishna who’s now king of Dwarka ran to the royal main door to receive his old school days friend Sudama, rest everyone in the royal court is curiously watching the reunion meet of two pals, everyone is amazed to see the love and chatter of these two guys, Krishna  breaking all stereotype and protocol of a ruler is busy serving his mate, Sudama who’s been living in a poor condition since very long, looking at his outfits & health Krishna is drowned in sorrow and is weeping.

Well! Well! Well! The idea is simply not to tell you the tale of these two gentlemen and I sincerely believe you know about this story, I honestly believe my readers are par genius hahaha.

Krishna and Sudama were the two ancient guys, but we so called more civilised human race of this current era are completely different. Inspite of love and respect for a friend we people believe in birthday bumps. Love and respect is lost somewhere in the past and intensity of abuse is a new parameter for the determination of the order of the friendship.

Honestly guys I sincerely have no complaints with this new trend and I won’t be hypocrite to say , No don’t do this at all, infact even I follow the same trend but I see it as a very feeble parameter to determine a true friend, since abusing and violence(so called violence of love) is not really gona cost even a penny to show his\her loyalty for you. I mean what does it really takes give a nice full fledge punch on the  next person’s back with wrapped absurd language, and giggling and saying “ tu to mera yaar hai”. Ironically you really need to be physically tough to accept it and say “ haan bhai sahi hai”.

Aren’t we moving towards the ultra level of social life? Where abusing and violence becomes the loyalty parameter.  It really becomes hard to figure out who really the real person is, since it’s very easy to pretend and be abusive in the name of “Prank” of today’s trend of alliance as a friend. We’re getting into more virtual world than real world, I’m frightened later on it might become difficult for us to distinguish between real and virtual life.

Let me ask you a question, do we people can ever be as generous as Sudama, can we ever be as cool as him, the way he went to Dwarka to meet Krishna without even a thought that Krishna might judge him. Can we be? But wait! Are we that stupid that we’ll wish to be a Sudama, like I mean a poor fellow? Rather we’d wish to be a Krishna and try to see the things other way around , no?

And that’s where we have failed to be the genuine person, the focus is more on being stable than being good and we expect loyal relationships,there’s no wrong in being stable but the issue is your priorty over other things.

Let us see the things through different angle. There’s a bollywood movie and there’s conversation between a young girl in his late twenties and an old man.

Girl – Shiv(the old man) how come you never had kids?

Old man – We just never felt the need, 40 years just flew like a breeze!

Girl – 40 years!!! FUCK!!!!

Old man – Fuck?? Ohh! You mean how beautiful. 

Am I sounding little irrelavant today more or less? 

You see there’s Krishna within, ask him if I’m really sounding irrelavant, I mean I ask you to introspect here, you might get into consensus with me. If not , then I’m supposed to be really really out of track today and believe me I’m not drunk hahaha.

About the article-

I was not sure to publish it on my blog since it might convey that the writer belong to the era of ancient times but any how I managed to convince my self.

Thank you for reading.

सर्वे भवंतु सुखन: i.e. May all be happy.