In the morning waking up with long to-do task,
Listing my dreams and tuning to Eminem,
Filling my soul with far-sight and passion,
But I ended up doing all day Procrastination.


Reading out blog of great achievers.
While making up my mind,
I’m being my own teacher.
Teaching myself skills to save time,
Directing myself, self-created mime.

Closing my eyes,
I’m daydreaming I think,
Now gazing at the horizon,
Sun said goodbye with a wink.

horizon gazing

Now that you’re judging me,
With your own perception,
It ain’t gonna matter,
This case is an exception.

Trapped somewhere between obligation and dream,
Mighty ocean is challenging me, to cross him and have that offshore cream,12

Challenging me as if I’m a sailor,
Thoughts hitting my head hard saying “Of your dreams you’re the only tailor”.


Waves are high and ocean is rude,
Tides hitting deck ferociously,
Still we’ve to come out,
As a dude.


Piercing the ocean current,
Out roaring the thunder,
Murdering the intent of ocean,
What is that we’ve got in us? He’s really gonna wonder.

No! that’s not the mirage of my offshore cream which I can see,
Yes, I made this far,
I treat it as a medal,
Which you call a scar.











Hope you’ve enjoyed the poem, please share your views/feedback/comments, show me my shortcomings and help grow better and faster. Thanks once again for reading.

सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः i.e. May all be happy.

Picture credits – Google, shutterstock, gettyimages.